We’re Thankful for Those that Believe in Us

A short message of gratitude to our spiritual leaders

We’ve been working on Vennly full time for a little more than a year, and the journey to this point has exposed us to ideas, beliefs, and realities that we had never considered before.

We’ve written in the past about how our journey with Vennly started. We’ve grappled with the term “spiritual” and what it might mean to be spiritual but not religious. We’ve explored what spiritual experiences could mean to people who don’t engage with organized traditions. But we haven’t taken much time yet to reflect on what the year has been like.

One year in, we’ve never been more sure of Vennly’s mission and product vision as we are today. And we’ve never felt more confident that the spiritual leaders with whom we’ve partnered will bring immense value to our Members.

We’ve met with hundreds of spiritual leaders and described to them our experiences with organized religion, and how it was a model that wasn’t working for us. We explained that we value the pastoral counseling that spiritual leaders can provide but that we found it hard to access without being part of an organized spiritual community. We explained that we suspected that we weren’t alone and that we were working on a product that aimed to distribute their pastoral work in a mobile first, on-demand way.

We asked these exceptionally talented and busy people if they would contribute content to our product when it was only a concept. We asked them if they would connect us to their colleagues who might also see the issues that we outlined. They did. We didn’t have a prototype to show them or press coverage to prove our viability. They believed in Vennly without any evidence.

Vennly’s spiritual leaders have been strategic partners, sounding boards, and product enthusiasts. They have helped us with everything from language on our website to the color palette in our logo. They have reached out to their contacts and repeatedly said, “please use my name when you reach out.”

The kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness of Vennly’s spiritual leaders have been on full display for the last year. And as we gear up to launch the Vennly app in early 2019, we are overcome by the deep desire to make good on their belief in us. We are so excited for you to benefit from the same wisdom that we’ve been exposed to.

This Thanksgiving, as you reflect on what you’re grateful for, we encourage you, too, to say thank you to the people who believe in you. There’s no motivating spirit greater than someone that thinks that you can do it. Especially, when you don’t have the evidence.

With Gratitude,

Brian and Dan