What is pastoral care and why does it matter?

At Vennly, one thing we talk a lot about is the importance of pastoral care. Definitions of what pastoral care covers can vary, but to us it means counsel, support, and guidance provided by spiritual and community leaders related to life topics. For many of our contributors, providing pastoral care is among their most important responsibilities.

Yet, our research indicates that many people don’t seek out pastoral care because they view it strictly as a forum for asking religious questions, or they fear getting judged by spiritual leaders. At Vennly, we want to change that. We view the content our leaders are creating as a form of pastoral care, which we like to call spiritual care. And our hope is that Vennly will provide the opportunity to access this much-needed life guidance on-demand.

To better understand spiritual care and what motivates people to seek it out, we surveyed our Vennly leaders and you can check out their responses below. We’re looking forward to sharing the Vennly version of spiritual care in the coming months!